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New July 2012 Summer Camp Announced

The Southern California Baseball Academy is teaming up with Nike to bring the best summer baseball camp to Orange County (July 12-14). Our camp instructors have over 30 years of professional playing experience combined with the best coaches in high school and private instruction. The camp will train and instruct players the proper way to throw, hit, field, run and pitch along with building a solid understanding of how to play the game right. Each camp day will end with a game where the players can showcase their honed skills learned throughout the camp. We look forward to seeing you in July.

Download the latest Baseball Summer Camp information and schedule.

Professional Instruction

The Southern California Baseball Academy is your source to receive the best in baseball instruction. Pitching, Fielding, Hitting, Baserunning along with Speed and Agility are focused on in our lessons and camps. Private, Group and Team Lessons are available throughout the year. We are scheduling our Camps and Clinics now to help refine those skills and educate you from "Experienced Professionals."

The Academy has been on hiatus due to my professional baseball career. I had overcome Tommy John Surgery in 2008 and have been playing non-stop since. I was in AAA with the Diamondbacks in 2009 and Dodgers in 2010. I have also had the opportunity to play Internationally in Venezuela, Mexico and Taiwan during the last 2 years. I have played in a number of different venues over the years and have learned an amazing amount of baseball knowledge from great professional, collegiate and high school coaches.

My knowledge and experience over the last 14 professional seasons has given me the tools to instruct players how to perform successfully at every level.

Please contact me for Private, Group or Team Lessons and continue to check in for updates and camp schedules...


Dana Point Youth Baseball: "Pitching and Proper Throwing" Clinic Sunday, March 25th

I have worked with Dana Point Youth Baseball over the last few years with Clinics, Team Practices and All-Star Teams along with a number of private lessons. On Sunday, March 25th  I am going to be holding a "Pitching and Proper Throwing" Clinic at the Dana Point fields. I will be instructing Players, Coaches and Parents the proper techniques of throwing a baseball correctly along with drills to learn and improve muscle memory. Please check with for your times to come and learn.

Past Clinics
In December of 2007, we had our first clinic at Tesoro High School and it brought about those ready to learn from current Major League Players. Approximately 100 young athletes were there to learn from the best. Aaron Harang (Cincinnati Reds), Geoff Blum (Houston Astros) Morgan Ensberg (New York Yankess), Craig Wilson (Cincinnati Reds), Luke Hudson (Kansas City Royals), Mike Rouse (Chicago White Sox), Randy Flores (St. Louis Cardinals), and Ben Julianel (Minnesota Twins).  The staff also included coach Mark Pryzbylak (St. Margaret's)and Andy Bergland (Sage Hill), both local high school coaches. MVP Sports Centers staff educated and trained our players in the Speed and Agility station.    

Spring Training is On!!!

As the 2012 season approaches for the Major leagues, all amateur teams are getting ready as well. As a professional baseball player myself, this is the time of year to refine skills and get yourself ready for a great season. Be prepared, work hard and most of all have FUN. The Southern California Baseball Academy is a great tool to insure athletes are ready both mentally and physically.

Preparation is the key. Whether it's studying for a test, getting ready for the holidays or warming up for an athletic event. Preparing properly takes away unexpected surprises. The Southern California Baseball Academy educates players on preparation and being able to use all their skills as efficiently as possible. Proper warm-up, stretching and understanding of the games needed skills will make these players more confident on the field and allow them to showcase their talent at a higher level.

The ability to "Control what you can Control"  is a tool I live by each day. In baseball, you can't change the weather, the umpire or even what teammates do, but if YOU prepare yourself the right way, these outside factors won't affect you. Your results will show and so will the confidence. Let's get ready to have a great season.